Wednesday, 26 December 2012

First Sem. Animations

Marine Animal Assignment. I rebelled and chose a seahorse. 

S and C Curve Animation Assignment. 
I have two characters here. One with a knotted-tail and another with sort of like a bird tail. x) 

I had too much fun on these two assignments.

Hands and Feet.

The ol' Hands And Feet Assignment I called, "Hands and Feet Riot".
I had too much fun on this. (October 2012)

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Character Designs In Order of Assignment...

Character Designs in Order of Assignments...

Character Rotation with who I call "Kjetil Thomassen" (Sept. 2012)
(Pardon the names, I just have random back stories with them.)

Character Pose with Dragan "Bloody Red" Felone (Oct. 2012)

Character Facial Expressions with Lord Sagittarius (Nov. - Dec. 2012)

Character Sheet for Storyboard with Aronica Carraway (done in less than 4 hours) Dec. 2012

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Falcapone's Character

I came up with this idea a long long time ago (so I think-eth). Grade 12:
I was on a "whim". You can call it one of those moments when you don't think. Just draw.
Then I decided to fully create his character:

Starting with Portfolio pieces...(Feb. 2012)

Argh! I feel that he was too human-like and there was barely any bird in him. 
So, I can no longer stand it! 

Finally, through some early weeks in Sheridan college, I formulated this quick sketch:
I am proud to finalize him into this happy falcon. 
Yup. He is now a much more flexible character that I can work with. (Drawn in Digital Tools class around October 2012)

Look forward to an official character sheet for him.

Old Work for Sheridan's Animation Portfolio

I guess it is about time I start an art blog for school work...

Portfolio Work from December 2011 to February 2012.

     I did not include my other portfolio stuff here because these four are ones I feel happy of posting first in this blog. Though I did not get the best marks from them, I still feel proud of these. 

     My lowest grading was in storyboard and it is no surprise that I am still struggling with it at this point. 
Here is one panel I liked from my storyboard for the Animation Portfolio:
Ah yes the rest is history...