Tuesday, 26 November 2013

BIANCO BLOOD was my recent storyboard success board-wise. 
Thank you dear prof!
Unfortunately, it was NOT pitch perfect. (I didn't pitch right at all, which was rather unfortunate.) 
Still. The boards were "really first-rate" and that it had "good use of tones and staging" with "an interesting colour key".

*happily crying somewhere over the rainbow*

Let me give you a mammoth of a post! ;)

I LOVED THIS LAYOUT ASSIGNMENT TOO MUCH I spent too much time on it. And I still wanted to spend more time on it but I had to move on.
Based on a 'fanfiction' story I'm writing ;) Eheh.
The plane is called the "Scarlet Baron" under the model design of a Hawker Sea Fury T Mk.20 “VX302”.
Last minute I just had to add the wing. OF ALL THINGS I forget the wing. *flailing arms*

1968 Ford Mustang car interiors and the sixteenth century galleons!

He said some of these were "gooey" and I totally agree now that I see them as they are due to photo references. But he liked the first interior with the kid and the cat in the backseat on the left-hand corner. 

My prof liked these. He finds the exploration "great" :D
I was hoping to do more but we moved on to a new assignment.

Painting Assignment with a Transylvania-inspired castle 
bluuuuurrrgh green and purple like Shrek ya know? 

Tonal Layout Assignments Exteriors (That I really really really enjoyed and wish I could do more after these)

(WATER I LOVE WATER I will keep trying to make more water in the future. How did I even...? I forgot how I ended up making this water but I will do it again and again)